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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Oh, yeah, what else?

Well the Tracker did NOT get its clutch changed this weekend, though it would have if the parts counter guy would have sold me the correct part! Noah & I took it apart today and the tear down went so smoothly it was surprising, almost as if we had planned it. Right up until the part where I tried to fit the clutch plate onto the input splines of the tranny... Hmmm, the hole's too big!

Let me see that old plate! Rats! Definitely the wrong part. Too big overall and the hole is too big too. Done for the day. Nothing to do but cleanup and wait for the parts store tomorrow. Dang it all!

The 2000 Ford F-250 truck did get new brakes installed this weekend on Saturday. One of the discs got to squalling and I wanted the local Les Schwab store to fix the brakes but they only do them with replacement calipers as part of the job! Yikes, $305 before taxes and another $105 if the disc had to be replaced!

So I went and bought my own brake shoes and went home to do the job myself. I didn't know that the axles had to be pulled to get the discs off... But I figured it out ok, I just couldn't figure out how to move the house over the 3 inches I needed to get the axle out on that side! Just one disc got turned... And possibly one of the calipers needs changing too, it doesn't seem to be pulling back like it should and that was the side that was worn through.

I'm probably not done with brakes.

I got stung by another damm yellowjacket in my backyard this weekend and boy if that hasn't made me cranky and tired. This time it was just above my shorty sock. I swell significantly from these wretched critters and so my getting around was significantly impaired. That was Friday and I spent all evening with my foot propped up and antihistimines washed down with beer trying to reduce the swelling. Saturday I could barely get my shoe on but I stayed moving long enough to finish the truck's brake job, then called it a day. Today was better but my leg and foot are still mighty puffy.

The yellowjackets have a nest, hive, swarm, whatever hidden behind the railroad ties that elevate the veggie garden, right next to where I walk to get to the shop. Two cans of long-distance spray has not seemed to significantly reduce their numbers. I haven't felt good enough to come up with a better plan for their demise just yet. Whatever the plan, I think its goiing to require fire...

Now I must go fold laundry before bedtime. Its Sunday night and if my laundry's not folded and put away, it screws up my whole week.

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